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Séjour de Katherine & Daniel - Du 19 au 25 mars 2023

Katherine et Daniel

Témoignage de Katherine :


My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful week with Hélène and her family! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to make a rapid leap forward in their French speaking and comprehension. You are truly immersed and welcomed in the family and friends and great experiences in Lyon. Our very first day we participated at the Musée Lumiere of the annual reenactment of the first movie ever made.

Hélène is constantly working to personalize your trip to exactly what you want. She was also able to accommodate and teach at our different levels of French.

Also, she's a fabulous cook!!

Merci encore ma nouvelle amie!!

A l'Institut Lumière

Silence ; ça tourne !

La chapelle de la basilique de Fourvière

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