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Séjour de Marcia & Renato - Du 23 au 29 octobre 2023

Renato, Marcia et moi ! <3

Témoignage de Marcia :


My husband and I stayed for one week at Hélène’s house. It was a wonderful experience in so many ways… First of all, my French improved a lot, for sure, but it was much more than that: we were deeply emerged in the french culture and environment. Also, we felt very welcome “chez elle”. We had guided city tours, she knows a lot about the history of Lyon and we had as well excellent dinners in family, she is an awesome cook!!! So, for all the reasons above, if you need to improve you French, I highly recommend Linghome in Lyon with Hélène… « elle est parfaite » !!!

Marcia et moi =)

Repas en famille

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