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Séjour de Margery - Du 19 juin au 2 juillet 2023

Margery en tablier de cuisine, aux Petites Cantines

Témoignage de Margery :


Chers Hélène, Lolo, Manon et Léo,

Ma fois avec vous était fantastique ! Merci mille fois !! J'ai adoré ma fois en Ardèche. Vous êtes très gentils. En anglais -

I learned so much and enjoyed my stay in Lyon. What makes a place memorable is the people you meet and the experiences you have. You are the family I will think of and the wonderful time I experienced with you when I think of Lyon. There is so much more I would like say and to thank you... I don't have the words except to say you have made an impression on me and I thank you again and again.

With deep appreciation and warm thoughts,


Margery, Kickass et moi en Ardèche

A table, Margery, Lolo et Kickass en Ardèche

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