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Cours de français en ligne - Tere (mai - septembre 2020)

Dernière mise à jour : 8 déc. 2020

Témoignage de Tere :

I had the opportunity to take on-line French lessons with Hélène every week for a four month period this past spring and summer.

Since the first Zoom class I felt very comfortable with Hélène. We had a conversational class combined with grammar and pronunciation. Through these classes, I greatly improved my listening and comprehension skills by listening to recordings that describe various places in Lyon. I was also able to speak with her and it was wonderful to be corrected immediately. I also learned French baking recipes!

Her material for study was excellent and very structured. She is an amazing teacher.

When the pandemic is over, I would like very much to experience the French immersion course with Hélène in Lyon.

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